Pineapple Elixir Rum

Premium small-batch, Caribbean Pineapple Spiced Rum

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Was it science, magic, or destiny? We’re not sure, but
we’ve stumbled across the formula for liquid gold.

Arcanist Rum: an infusion of science and magic

An arcanist is someone with secret knowledge of a process. And we have found the secret to crafting the perfect blend of flavoured rum. 

The rich experience, the sophisticated flavours, the skill and the artistry of  the bottle – it all comes together with Arcanist Rum. 

The science experiment that went right

We conjure up small batch rum, inspiring you with the flavours and traditions of spiced rum. 

Our Demerara rum originates from Guyana and infused with Caribbean spices here in the UK.

Every ingredient has been sustainably sourced and ethically produced.  

Sophistication. Heritage. Mystery. Sustainability. And Science. It’s the perfect blend. 

The artisanal experience

Upon tasting our rum, there’ll be an eruption of flavour, depth and spices.

Because there are no synthetic flavours in our rum, only the best botanicals and flavours.

100% natural.

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