Founder Story

As the founder of Arcanist Rum, it wasn’t through any of the more usual channels that led me to start a brand of rum.

Having spent many years at University studying physics and travelling I always knew I wanted to forge my own path.

During my youth, my grandmother lived in the Caribbean, Grenada. I was fortunate enough to visit and remember touring The River Antoine distillery. A beautiful historic distillery that uses classic techniques to make a gorgeous rum. I completed a tour and tried some rum straight from the still. I can tell you as an 18-year old that was an amazing experience.

So I had a love of rum from a young age and a desire to build something of my own for a long time.

One summer I decided to try spicing rum. I purchased some Kilner jars, white rum, and a variety of spices to see if I could make something I enjoyed.

After much experimentation, I found a flavour I loved that I knew I wanted to share with the world. I called it Pineapple Elixir.

Mastery, artistry, science; call it what you will. But we call it crafting the perfect rum.

From years of experiments and discovering the ancient ways of rum distillation, we were on a mission.

With every experiment, we got closer to finding the perfect blend of flavour. A pinch of this, a mixture of that…

That’s when we found it. The magic formula. The secret elixir. The solution to flavoured rum.

pineapple rum image

We are arcanists; keepers of the secret method of production.

Masters of creating premium, craft rum, we blur the line between science and magic.

Arcanist Rum is steeped in heritage and the ancient process of making and distilling rum. The Arcanist brings everything together.

That’s what we’ve been striving for since we discovered the extraordinary power of rum.

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Our secret ingredients

Our Demerara rum originates from Guyana and is infused with magical spices in our UK distillery.

We never use synthetic flavours, only the best botanicals, and spices. 100% natural. 100% fresh. 100% flavour.

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About our ‘lab’

We haven’t stopped at creating formulas for rum. We’re also proud to be an eco-friendly, socially, and morally responsible brand. We believe in being a force for good; not just for delicious tasting rum!

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Our hypothesis is we are here to do good.

Our promise is we are here to fulfil it.

Our current method:

  • Source eco-friendly and recyclable packaging
  • Encourage re-use of our bottles
  • Employ amazing people based on their ability to do the job and believe in our mission
  • Pay at least the real living wage to all employees
  • Pay equal money for equal work regardless of age, gender, or race
  • Have an open salary policy
  • At each stage of our business, we review our impact and aim to be as positive as possible

Our future ‘experiments’:

  • Ensure our supply chain holds the same ideals as us
  • Improve how eco-friendly our packaging is
  • Concoct a bottle refill or recycling scheme

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